Guide on How to Play Blackjack in Sbobet

Guide on How to Play Blackjack in Sbobet

Who still doesn’t know what a blackjack game is? Blackjack games anywhere in the country will surely exist in both casinos and online gambling. How to play blackjack in is not too difficult and makes this game easily accepted by the public.

Like poker, how to play blackjack in online sbobet also uses cards and it is not surprising that the game of blackjack is also one of the most popular games and is very easy to play in the casino and online poker.

Guide on how to play blackjack in Sbobet

Please note that we also receive many requests to discuss how to play blackjack online. It seems that many readers of this site are interested in the rules of blackjack and how to play blackjack in sbobet.

Previously, we have also discussed how to play roulette on Facebook to keep winning, as well as other casino games, it seems that something is still missing if online gambling games that are very popular in this world have not yet been discussed. . For that in this article we will discuss how to play blackjack in sbobet with all the existing rules.

Blackjack is an easy game to understand but hard to master. The blackjack game is much simpler compared to other casino games, because in how to play blackjack in sbobet you don’t need to remember the order of the cards. The rules are also not too complicated, so you can easily understand the game of blackjack. We make the following image of the various blackjack rules you need to know.

Blackjack game general rules

Blackjack games are certainly played with cards that are quite unique compared to poker games. The main objective in the blackjack game itself is to get a card that is worth 21. Unlike other games, in blackjack you only need to compare your cards with the dealer’s cards.

It has a card with a value greater than 21, then it is considered to have lost, even if the card has a dealer also passes 21. And if the card it has, for example, is worth 20 and the bookie card 17, then It is considered that you win. Because the value of your card is closer to 21 than the city card.

Card value in blackjack games

The main key to playing blackjack on sbobet that you should know next is to calculate the value of the card. As we explained above, the value of your card cannot exceed 21. If you don’t know how to count the number of cards, it will certainly be difficult to play blackjack. In essence, the value on the blackjack card is the same as the value printed on the card.

So 6 spades are worth 6, 8 hearts are worth 8 and 10 curls are worth 10. Then, for the jack, queen and king cards they also have the same value as 10. While for the ace itself it has 2 different values ​​that are 1 or 11. Thus the value of the card may be 1 or 11, depending on the conditions of the game. For convenience, pay attention to the following image:

The reason why blackjack is often represented with aces and jacks. Because the two cards will have an immediate value of 21 and the player with the card will win immediately. If at the beginning of the game you immediately get a blackjack (combination of As + 10), then you will receive a 1.5x payment.

You bet 600,000 and you get a blackjack card means 600,000 x 1.5 = you won 900,000.

How to play blackjack on Sbobet online

Blackjack is usually played by 2 to 7 people at 1 table. All players who play at the table will fight the dealer, so you don’t have to pay attention to other players’ card games.

The start of the city’s blackjack game will be to distribute 2 cards to each player who plays at the table (including the dealer). In general, a player card and also the dealer will be open and a closed card.

In blackjack games, the dealer will benefit by playing the last turn and the player in the first turn. In the blackjack game you will be given several options. Some of the options you will find when playing blackjack in sbobet are the following:

  • Hit / Add card

The click option means you will add 1 more card. Usually, this method is done when the 2 cards that you have are still far from the number 21. By adding cards, of course, you expect to be close or even your card value to 21.

In this condition, you must consider carefully before making a punch because if your card passes 21, the dealer will assume you are immediately defeated.

  • Stand / stay

So, the support option is when you are sure about the card and don’t want to add more cards. If you estimate that the value of your card is enough to beat the bet card, select this support option. When you make a position, your card will fight directly with the city card.

  • Double Down / Double Bet

Double option is where you double your bet from the amount previously placed. But after taking this option, you must take another card and you cannot take another card in the future.

  • Split / Bet are divide

The next bet option is split, where you can divide your card into 2 different parts with each of your bets. To get the split option, you must have the same 2 cards at the start.

Twin cards like 2 with 2, queen with queen, 7 with 7, basically cards of the same value. For example, you have 2 cards worth 10, so if you choose to split, the dealer will separate the two cards.

Then, the dealer will place a new card in the first 10 cards and the game will continue as usual. When the first card bet ends, the dealer will give a new card to the second 10 card.

  • Insurance

The following insurance options. In every blackjack game, each player and dealer will receive 2 cards, 1 dealer will be in the open position.

If the card that is open at the bookie is an ace, you can buy insurance with half the amount of your bet. If it turns out that the dealer’s second card is worth 10 (10, Jack, Queen, King), which means blackjack, you will get 2 times the insurance rate.

But if the two city cards are worth 1 to 9, then your insurance is lost and the game continues as usual.

  • Surrender

The last option you can choose to play blackjack on Facebook is to give up. Giving up is a choice you can make to reduce your losses.

What if the card you have at the beginning has no chance of winning, then you have to give up? If you choose to give up, you will only lose half of your bet.

But you can’t always give up, because there are certain conditions that allow you to do it. For example, if the dealer has a 9 to As card and you have 5 to 7 or 12 to 16 cards. Additionally, you cannot use this shipping option.

Therefore, in summary, a guide to how to play blackjack on Facebook, oh yes, I almost forgot that there were actually a number of things that bookmakers must obey. If the total value of the card held by the dealer is less than 16, the dealer must match. However, if the city port is equal to or greater than 17, the city will continue to choose a position. Hopefully this article is useful for you, thank you for reading this article to the end.